What Our Customers Say

Tens of thousands of customers love their triHOLD Wallets!  Here are just a couple of notes that we've received from satisfied triHOLD owners:

“I've had my triHOLD wallet for a few months and it's the best wallet I've ever had. Compact shape, very user friendly and I always know where everything is. Great job! Thanks, your wallet has exceeded my expectations.”


“Just received the wallet. Cool and Slim! Well-done! Any chance I can buy another one. :)”
-Wan Wei

"First day with the triHOLD and it is just perfect. I'm a JCrew Magic Wallet user since 2005 and this wallet it just better."

"I received my wallet in Canada and I love it. For the fun I went back to my old wallet. I did not even last 1 hour and I had to switch back to this wallet. I love how much it holds and how small it is."

“I have only had the wallet for a little bit. But I have to be honest it is the BEST wallet I have had so far! I am so glad that I found your product.”

“Best wallet ever...no contest! I'd consider myself a wallet snob (if there is such a thing) and this is the best I've ever had. If you like to wear your wallet in your front pocket with minimal bulk, this is your wallet.”

"Kick-Ass wallet. Best out there, and believe me I've had them all... hands down triHOLD is the best. I have everyone and their mother asking where they can get one."

"I'm normally not a fan of tri-fold wallets, but this wallet and design has converted me… Thanks for making an awesome product!"

“My wallet arrived here in Australia last week and it is brilliant! Thanks so much.”

“Received mine in the mail Monday... Love IT…I have been looking for something like this for a while.”

"Great wallet....bought it a few months ago and love it."

"Digging mine. I love the way it fits in my pants pockets!"

"I have one and I really like it...slim fit and holds everything I need. Good purchase."

"Just got mine a few days ago, but once you figure it out, I have to say it's awesome, and the best wallet I have ever owned."

"I got one myself and love it. Very handy when pulling out your cards."

"I have this wallet and I fully endorse this product!"

"the wallet asked me not to say this, but damnit im gonna say it anyway, because its the truth! i f%@#ing love this wallet. this is the best wallet ever. PERIOD."

"Just recently purchased this wallet and I couldn't be happier. I love it!!!"

"I'm diggin' mine. Just got it earlier this week, and it's pretty awesome."

"Recently got one of these. I love it. I finally got rid of my George Costanza wallet."

"I have to admit this is the a great wallet. I love it as well.. Just the perfect size.."

"I saw the ad on fb and ordered one. I have zero regrets. I love this wallet."

"I have had for a week. Taking some time adjusting from my old "George Costanza" size wallet, but AM LOVING IT!"

"Just got mine two weeks ago....It is as advertised. Very functional, sturdy and compact. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat."

"I've had mine a few weeks too, and I love it! People are amazed at how thin it is when I show how many cards it holds PLUS has a spot for cash."

"I received one for Fathers Day and its the best wallet I ever had!!!!"