Ridge Wallet vs. triHOLD: 5 Reasons triHOLD is the ULTIMATE WALLET

5 Reasons Why triHOLDis the Ultimate Wallet and Ridge Wallet is NO Competition.

Ridge Wallet is EXPENSIVE!
triHOLD is $55 with FREE shipping while Ridge Wallet is $95 to $225.

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triHOLD is All About Convenience

Keep your two favorite cards easily available by sliding them out at your convenience.  Literally the easiest way for you to get your cards out of any wallet.
  • triHOLD is designed for CASH and CARDS  
    You'll see other wallets that are clearly designed for just carrying a few cards, but triHOLD is unique that it is designed from the start for both.

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    • triHOLD is Extremely Compact
      Many wallets tend to get bloated over time, but triHOLD has a unique internal "skeleton" to make sure your wallet always remains as compact as possible.  
    • triHOLD is Designed for your Front Pocket
      Carrying your wallet in your back pocket is really not good for your back.  triHOLD is designed to fit comfortably in your front pocket and is so small you may not even notice it's there.  triHOLD is recommended by many chiropractors as a great way to avoid sitting on a bulky wallet all day.

      "I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years and as taught in school, I've always instructed patients not to keep their wallets in their back pocket! It is contra-indicated for proper spine alignment! The TriHold Wallet is by far, the best wallet I have ever owned! It has a very thin design compared to the thick bump i used to have in my front pocket!!"

      - Michael Crohn, D.C.

    • triHOLD has a Distinct Design and Unique Features
      Some people just don't want to carry the same wallet as their grandfather did so many years ago.  triHOLD has a modern, stylish, and distinct design that is functional and uniquely innovative.  

    Keep all your cards organized exactly where you want for quick and easy access.  But unlike most cardholders, you can keep bills and receipts in a full-size billfold.  And it all folds up and fits easily in your front pocket.

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    What is triHOLD made of?

    We use the finest Napa leather and a stainless steel clasp in triHOLD.  The wallet is designed to feel compact and secure in your hand and pocket.  The inside of triHOLD is specially designed to make it easy to slide cards out, though the wallet is built to keep the cards securely in place when not in use.