Support and FAQ

We've put up these frequently asked questions in the hope it will answer most of the commonly asked questions! Before you shoot off an email we encourage you to read the questions and answers below as you will look silly asking a question that has already been answered, however if you are looking for something which is not on this page then flick us an email via the contact form and we'll do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can. 


Q: Does triHOLD block RFID signals?
A: No.  There is a metal plate inside for structure that provide a bit of protection, but we won't claim to have full RFID blocking.

Q: Do you plan to offer triHOLD in other colors?
A: Not in the near future.  We follow Ford's original "any color you like as long as it's black" strategy.  This helps us to keep costs down by ordering more of one color.  

Q: How big is the triHOLD wallet?
A: The wallet's measurements are:
68 mm x 92 mm (while closed)
195 mm x 92 mm (while open) 

Q: How big of a note can fit inside the wallet? What about a £20 note?
A:The largest piece of paper that will fit in the billfold is about 19cm x 9cm.  The largest note I could find online was the £20 note, which is only 149mm x 80mm and should fit perfectly. (To be tested with a real note soon.) 

Q: I just placed an order and my address is wrong.  Can you change it?
A: Once an order is placed, the information is automatically sent to our warehouse to be shipped.  There is no time to change the address once it has been submitted.  All of our shipments come with a tracking number, and customers can usually work with the US Postal Service to reroute the package. 

Q: Do you offer custom engraving of names or initials on wallets?
A: We do not have the capability to engrave names, initials, or logos on wallets before they ship.  However, we've experimented with laser engraving in the past, and it works really well.  Contact a local engraver and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We want you to be completely satisfied with your triHOLD wallet and offer refunds when customers wish to return their wallet. In short, we give you about two weeks to decide whether you want to keep your new triHOLD and ask that you return it in a like-new condition.  If you're not satisfied, just return it.  We'd like to know why, of course, so let us know.  Please refer to the Return Policy and Terms and Conditions at checkout prior to placing your order.