Our Story

Our Crowd-Funded Beginning

triHOLD was originally launched on the crowd funding site Kickstarter in August 2012.  It received huge interest and quickly jumped to 50% of funding goal in it's first week. 100% funding was achieved on the 1st of September 2012 and the project finished on the 13th of September reaching 400% of the set funding goal!  We can not thank our backers enough.  Without your help, we never would have been able to launch our business. 

A Family-Run Business with a Purpose

We started triHOLD literally in the hospital as we waited for our newborn triplets to be born (yes, triplets).  What started as a side business soon turned into a legitimate way for us to support our family.  With three little ones, you need all the time possible to be good parents, so running our business was a great way to achieve that dream.  We have excellent partners to make sure that products are created in a professional factory and delivered on time from an incredibly efficient warehouse.  But our world headquarters is in Wilmington, DE, where we raise our children.