The Ultimate Front Pocket Wallet

Costanza Wallet
is killing your back!

This bulky wallet problem has gotten out of hand.  No one needs to carry every card, ID, or receipt they've ever received.  If you're currently sitting on a mound of leather, plastic, and paper, it's time for you to embrace the front pocket wallet revolution.

"I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years and as taught in school, I've always instructed patients not to keep their wallets in their back pocket! It is contra-indicated for proper spine alignment! The triHOLD Wallet is by far, the best wallet I have ever owned! It has a very thin design compared to the thick bump I used to have!!"

 - Michael Crohn, D.C.

The Ultimate

Chiropractors agree that you should never keep your wallet in your back pocket.  Sitting on a lump of leather and plastic can cause serious back pain over time.  But carrying your wallet in your front pocket requires a new and innovative type of wallet design.  triHOLD is designed to fit comfortably in your front pocket.

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triHOLD has received
thousands of five-star reviews
from customers.

I have never owned a better, more convenient wallet! My friends are jealous and  impressed when I slide out my credit card or my driver license with only 1 thumb and don't even need to open it. I'd give it 10 stars if available!

- Russell

Really really happy and amazed with this wallet.   I've been looking for the perfect small/low profile wallet for years and I think I've found the perfect one with the triHOLD without having to sacrifice carrying everything I want to keep handy.  

- Alan

I really have enjoyed this wallet. Losing the bulk of the traditional wallet has been awesome. The ease of pulling credit/debit cards is amazing.

- Darren

I absolutely love this wallet. It is resilient, compact, and allows me to carry some cards and cash. I love the easy access to my two main cards.

- Doug

Best wallet I have ever owned. Easy to get your most used cards easily, as well as stores your our needed things well too. Highly recommend!

- Keith

Exactly what I was looking for. Turned my clunky old wallet into a well organized wallet.

- Jason

Actual triHOLD Customers

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From Coast to Coast

triHOLD has fans in all 50 states and many countries across the globe.  Our customers aren't just  from the city or the country, west coast or east coast, north or south.  It turns out everyone wants to have a more compact and convenient wallet!