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Five Reasons triHOLD is the
You'll Ever Own

Keep all your cards organized exactly where you want for quick and easy access.  But unlike most cardholders, you can keep bills and receipts in a full-size billfold.  And it all folds up and fits easily in your front pocket.

Thousands of customers love their triHOLD Wallets! Here are some things that they've shared on social media:

“I've had my triHOLD wallet for a few months and it's the best wallet I've ever had. Compact shape, very user friendly and I always know where everything is. Great job! Thanks, your wallet has exceeded my expectations.

"First day with the triHOLD and it is just perfect. I'm a JCrew Magic Wallet user since 2005 and this wallet it just better."

"I received my wallet in Canada and I love it. For the fun I went back to my old wallet. I did not even last 1 hour and I had to switch back to this wallet. I love how much it holds and how small it is."

“I have only had the wallet for a little bit. But I have to be honest it is the BEST wallet I have had so far! I am so glad that I found your product.

triHOLD Features

  • Modern and compact design 
  • Easy access to your two favorite cards 
  • High-quality Napa leather and stainless steel clasp
  • Six pockets for cards plus one ticket holder
  • Full-size billfold that fits all major currencies plus receipts 
  • Comes in a gift box ready for that special someone

What is triHOLD made of?

We use the finest Napa leather and a stainless steel clasp in triHOLD.  The wallet is designed to feel compact and secure in your hand and pocket.  The inside of triHOLD is specially designed to make it easy to slide cards out, though the wallet is built to keep the cards securely in place when not in use.

Ridge Wallet vs. triHOLD Wallet: 5 Reasons triHOLD is the ULTIMATE WALLET